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well i`m kristyjunekippen - as you can see. im thirteen years of age & ; attending st. augustines college .

about me
'cause i'm a star

welcome to my world ;

where people lie ; talk shit ; bitch about others . everyone lies & ; tries to be someone their not !

i am surrounded by good friends & ; also bitches. You know no bodies perfect! I've had a rough two thousand & ten - i've lost many of my close friends ;

hopefully two thousand & eleven will be a fresh start .
you're on your way

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Day Five: Your Dreams
Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Well i have many dreams ; at one point i wanted to be a teacher ; then a cop ; then a doctor ; then a lawyer ; and yes us girls all went through the faze of wanting to be a hairdresser :) 
honestly i dont really know what i wanna be when im older.. 

i either wanna be like my mum and be a fashion designer and that or own my own store :) 
or become a hairdresser cause i love hair LOOOOOOOOL 

anyways yeeah <3 x

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Day Four: Your siblings.
Hm... well i have lots of siblings ; but these are my blood siblings ; i am the oldest . -.-
i hate it ! its so gaaay! ; my younger sister who is four and knows waaaay too much for her age ; her name is 'imogenchloekippen ; and then i have my youngest sister who is 10 months old and a sook - her name is tahneeskyekippen'

so yeah thats my real siblings ^^ 

then i have my other pretend family :) - my mother is Oprah ; my father is Jacky Chan ; my Step-dad is Bruno ; my Step-mum is Ellen Digenerious or however you spell it ; thats wif my bro shaammuss <3 ; we are rich and we have like a 28738237483927 story high house its pree cool.

then i have my other bro from another hoe henry LOLOLOL :L 

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Day Three: Your parents.
um . i dont have parents . im adopted ! jksss :) 

& LOL ; well my mum is a fashion designer ; and she owns the store Scarlet Fever' at mt ommaney :) & she used to own Sassi Parella' in west end on melbourne street. 

my dad is a plaster'er LOL and hes always away on business and that so yeah :) 

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my catch up.
alrighty ; i havent been blogging for ages cause yeah my lifes been shit ; i have very bad trust issues now it's hard for me to trust people atm . 
so yeah imma continue with my 30 day blogger challenge . and catch up kaays ? 


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my fat dinner :L
Saturday, March 19, 2011
LOL ! so yeah i just came back from dinner - we ate at this place near mt. ommaney ;) 
haha ; omfg i was so hungry horny JOKES ! 

i ate like a pig :L 
ate pasta , more pasta , ice cream and two lemonades ;) 
i was like bloated -_-
i felt like a pig bro <3 

HAHHA ; hm . so yeah also i went to orion to go to the fun day ; 
and shrek was there . and hes a PEDO!  we went to get photos ; me and a bunch of friends ; and he was like touching our boobs LIKE WTF :S 

then i went to mt ommaney to buy material and shit for my visual art assignment ;) 

&&& OHHH ; i spent $36 in supre & NO im not a slut :L 

krisssssssssstyjuneeekippen ;) 

p.s henry is a horny shit :L 

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Ten Facts About Me!
Friday, March 18, 2011

otaaaay ; since im bored . im going to do ten facts about me :)

1. Im viet - which is bogan.
2. i have an obsession with the hills & neighbours & OMFG CHACE CRAWFORD.
3. i hate try hards/people who wanna be like everyone else.
4. i can't live without .... musshroom :) or spaghetti. - im an addict.
5. even tho im viet i absolutely! hate pho!
6. i have never missed one episode of neighbours since i was in year three :)
7. i am very sick/dirty minded ! LOL - it just automatically translates into my head that way.
8. i wear glasses ; but im not a nerd :L 
9. even tho im asian i fail at maths all the time.
10. i alwaaays procrastinate ; just cant help it :( 

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Day Two: Your Crush.
LOL! ; so um i DONT have a crush && 
anyways i wouldn't put it on here for the whole world to see :) 
kthanksbai x

okaay so yeah read this :L 

Henry (: says: (3:32:42 PM)
Henry (: says: (3:32:43 PM)
Henry (: says: (3:32:44 PM)
yur crush
Henry (: says: (3:32:46 PM)
Henry (: says: (3:32:50 PM)
Henry (: says: (3:32:54 PM)

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